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AuthorTitleMinnesota connection

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Conrad BalfourA Sack Full of Sun

Memoir by a Minnesota Commissioner of Human Rights

Winifred W. Barton

John P. Williamson:
A Brother to the Sioux

Biography of a missionary born in, and who worked in, Minnesota

C Nick Colemannewspaper columns

regular columnist in the Star Tribune

D Mark Diedrich

Little Paul
Christian Leader of the Dakota Peace Party

Biography of a Dakota chief


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F. Scott Fitzgerald

The St. Paul Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Stories set in a fictional version of, or inspired by events in, St. Paul

William Watts Folwell

A History of Minnesota
Volume I
Volume 2

A history written by an early president of the University of Minnesota

K Garrison KeillorLeaving Home

News from Lake Wobegon

L Dr. Elden Lawrence

The Peace Seekers
Indian Christians and the Dakota Conflict

about the conflict of 1862

James Lileksnewspaper columns

regular columnist in the Star Tribune

M Thomas MaltmanThe Night Birds

Historical novel set largely in Minnesota, 1849–1876

R Stephen R. Riggs

Mary and I:
Forty Years with the Sioux

Memoir by a missionary who worked in Minnesota


Bishop Henry B. Whipple

Duty of Citizens Concerning the Indian Massacre

Letter published in a St. Paul newspaper in 1862

Portions of some of these works are included in a set of readings on the causes of the 1862 Dakota War.
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